Booking a Commission

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Choose Your Photos

​One of the most important things in commissioning your portrait is to ensure I can work from a good photograph. I cannot emphasize enough that 'the better the photo, the better the finished portrait'.

Choose Your


You may like to visit my Price Guide page to find sizes available and how much a portrait costs.

If you have specific ideas for your portrait, email me your photos and I can create a tailored quote for you.

Choose Your


​Choose whether you would like a head/neck portrait portrayed like a floating head, or extended to the edge of the page, or a full body.

​If you would like a full body portrait instead of the traditional head portrait, please contact me as some sizes are unsuitable for a full body.

Confirm Your


​Once you have your photos together and decided upon the type of portrait you would like please Contact Me with ​all ​your requirements, and attach your photos in the email. Please note, I usually have a waiting list but I will confirm the approximate time scale upon your enquiry.